• Brigham City Meeting Presentations

    In case you missed the meeting or want to see them again.

    Economic Development in Brigham City

    Tools used to improve their city.

    Various programs including fascade updating and architectural assistance has helped revitalize downtown Brigham City.

    Tourism in Box Elder County

    Birds, trains and rockets are their main attractions.

    The Bear River Bird Migratory Park is one of the most visited sites in the county. And did you know that Australian tourists are the #1 group visiting the area. You may also want to schedule to come out to Promontory Point in 2019 when they will celebrate 150 years since the country was connected by rail.

    Workforce Analysis in Box Elder County

    Changes in historical makeup of the workforce.

    The workforce in Box Elder, Weber and Cache county is pretty fluid. As the economy shifts from manufacturing and agriculture, job training will be needed to help employees make changes.

    New Trends in Small Business and Municipal financing

    Financing options

    Business Loans of Utah (BLU) partners with banks and communities to create access to capital for businesses who do not qualify for traditional financing.

    CANU: Composites & Aerospace in Northern Utah

    A 5-County collaboration

    Box Elder, Weber, Cache, Davis and Morgan counties have combined efforts to market their areas to attract aerospace and composite companies.

    Value-added Agriculture

    Ways to make more money with traditional agricultural products.

    From grains to goat milk, small businesses are finding ways to make money that helps sustain them through the cold winter months.

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